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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered among the most powerful 20 economies worldwide, the strongest economy in the Middle East and North Africa region, and a great attraction for direct investments being one of the fastest growing countries in the world, as its economic growth rate has reached 3.6% and it acquires 38% of the total Arab GDP. This has made the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a distinctive destination for big investors and businessmen looking for a variety of projects within a strong economic system and a favorable investment climate due to the economic progress that the Kingdom has been able to achieve through overcoming the financial challenges and the exploitation of the Kingdom’s environmental features and the vast and wide land space.


The vision of Sheikh Mohammad bin AbdulAziz Al Rajhi – the founder, aimed at keeping pace with the economic developments in the Kingdom. Sheikh Mohammad has established the company 50 years ago as a Sole Proprietorship to become in 1998 a Limited Partnership corporation having a number of economic entities under its umbrella.


In order to pursue the investment growth that began in the Kingdom at that stage, these entities have been merged within two holding companies; Mohammad AbdulAziz Al Rajhi Holding Company which has been founded in 2007 as a Saudi Closed-Joint Stock Company, integrated with companies of industrial activities, headquartered in Riyadh.


Manafea Holding Company which has been founded in 2008 to act as an investment backbone to the group as a Saudi Closed-Joint Stock Company managing investments in the local and international stock market sector, in addition to the ownership of lands and properties for investment and development purposes through selling and leasing as well as managing and operating hotels, resorts, commercial centers and offices.


In order for the company to gain an influential pioneering position within this strategic step in this promising sector, and to have a clear role in contributing to the economic revitalization of the Kingdom and to achieve balanced earnings through seizing any available investment opportunities both locally and globally as well as creating additional smart opportunities to strengthen its position as a company willing to stay at the forefront of the world of investment and promising projects management.


In order to keep up with the modern investment developments the Kingdom has witnessed over the past years, Mohammad AbdulAziz Al Rajhi & Sons Co. was established in 2015 through merging Manafea Holding Company with Mohammad AbdulAziz Al Rajhi & Sons Holding Co. to become a Closed-Joint Stock company making the companies of Mohammad AbdulAziz Al Rajhi family one of the biggest five family companies in the Kingdom with a capital of 4.8 billion Saudi Riyal, completely owned by the heirs of Sheikh Mohammad Bin AbdulAziz Al Rajhi.


Mohammad AbdulAziz Al Rajhi & Sons Co. aspires to benefit from its great expertise and the broad managerial infrastructure through managing huge projects, developing new projects, and supporting start-ups in order to achieve financial profits within projects that would have a positive economic impact on the Kingdom and would open doors for larger projects within the health, service, real estate, and industrial sectors.


The company currently manages a group of pioneering and significant projects which are considered among the core projects within the economy system in the Kingdom. This is all done through a vision characterized by ensuring an outcome of a mixture of successful projects that guarantee sustainable financial balance as well as increasing growth in capital and profits, and to obtain a solid financial position and an organizational and administrative structure that ensures continuity in the diversification of investments and continuous development on multiple levels and unique activities, through an exceptional staff of administrators, engineers, specialists, and technicians that enables the company to acquire and manage multiple-sized projects through an impressive performance and well-organized cost by conducting an intensive study and a clear methodology for requirements. This in turn has resulted in a boom in the business of Mohammad Abdulaziz Al Rajhi & Sons Investment Co. through the smart integrated investment solutions it has provided in the best, most up-to-date methods which have contributed to profit growth year after year as well as to the continuity of development and expansion on both the local and international levels.


This all reflects the strategic commercial investment experience of over 60 years which has started by the great efforts of the self-made Sheikh Mohammad Bin AbdulAziz Bin Saleh Al Rajhi. Sheikh Mohammad has faced, and strongly accepted challenges at a very early age in the world of exchange and banking.



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