A prominent figure who has started doing business at an early age of his life. He began intelligently with the banking business and focused on keeping up with the local banking requirements at an individual and company level. This has encouraged him to enter the world of commerce and real estate, and then expand towards the industrial sector. It is Sheikh Mohammad Bin AbdulAziz Al Rajhi, the famous self-made person who has become well-known on both the local and the international levels.

Sheikh Mohammad was among the first people who has started the business of banking and investment in the Kingdom and has put a clear method that has actively continued in supporting the community of Saudi businessmen. As a globally known business man, Sheikh Mohammad made his way with perseverance to boost his fortune all thanks to the God-given insight, vim, efforts and ability to have discipline as well as the determination to achieve success and to leave behind a clear imprint in the world of national economy in general and the philanthropy field in particular.